Our measures against COVID-19

To stay healthy in these unusual times and to protect our customers and employees, we have set up new rules of conduct and hygiene that apply in our stores from the moment they reopen.

Customer Service Conduct


  • Masks and gloves are always a must for the sales consultant and the customer.

  • The number of people in one floor (sales consultant and customer) cannot exceed 4 people.

  • Only one sales consultant can service a customer or a customer group.

  • The garments will be handed to the customers for trying them on themselves while maintaining 1m social distance.

Store Hygiene

  • Our stores are cleaned in detail every day two times.

  • Critical areas, for example: bathrooms, fitting rooms, cashier desks, kitchen and offices need to be sanitised after every human circulation.

  • Masks and gloves are always available in  our stores.

  • Our stores are ventilated regularly.

Personnel Conudct & Hygiene

  • Our employees traveling to work by public transport have to change their travel clothes during working hours.

  • Continuous hand hygiene has to be maintained and masks are mandatory inside facilities.

  • Traffic between the stores or facilities has been reduced to a necessary minimum.

  • Our sales staff will be following a dynamic working schedule which takes appointments into account, in order to reduce the total amount of people working each day.

Garment sanıtatıon

Epidemiologists say that viruses do not live that long on porous surfaces like leather, because the small holes or spaces in them can trap the microbes and keep them from transferring. That being established, we like to be extra safe! Therefore we have established a couple of garment sanitation procedures:

  • All garments will be cleaned properly (as far as the material allows it) after being tried on.

  • Garments, which have been in circulation for one day, will be stored in ventilated storage for 12h before being put back to the service area.