defining leather since 1968


Our organization was founded by Mr Ilyas Koç in 1968. It all started with a small store in the Grand Bazaar. Mr Koç had learned the furrier profession in Vienna, where he spent his youth years. After returning to Istanbul, he discovered the vibrant world and dynamic business scene of the Grand Bazaar. Sensing the business opportunity, he decided to stay bazaar and worked his way up and saved capital to be able to open his store. Once Koç Leather House was founded, he saw that the leather industry lacked innovation, so he started to experiment with different styles and colours of leather, which at that time was most unconventional and unusual to other garments on the market. The risk he took paid off, and his creations were appreciated.

The rest is history…

A Bazaar Mindset

As a fashion house originating from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, we are still in love with the soul and the flair of this iconic place. An entrepreneurial mindset and the passion for impeccable craftsmanship are the cornerstones of our organisation.

Our Values

& Craftsmanship

We value quality & craftsmanship above everything! They are the very core principles that have shaped our organization since its incorporation in 1968. With the grand bazaar culture running deep in our DNA, we never compromise on the quality of our materials and our pieces are manufactured to last. We are proud to follow a sustainable long-term business approach that rejects mass production.

& Integrity

Our connection with our garments runs deep and goes beyond the point of sale. When a piece meets its owner in our store, it makes us proud. It is a cause for celebration and we acknowledge that the life of our garments starts when the owner starts using them. Therefore we always take care of our pieces, no matter how old or how worn down. We are connected a lifetime to them.


Our entrepreneurial spirit encourages both risk-taking and perseverance. It requires pragmatic thinking while never compromising on our core values. Every single member of our organisation is encouraged to push themselves beyond the daily routine and contribute to our organisation in their unique ways.

& Innovation

Beyond the entrepreneurial spirit that every single member at Koç lives, we are always in search of innovative business solutions and creative designs not only to complement our collection but to work better and improve the overall experience for our customers and our employees.